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Becoming a Certified Equity Release Advisor

Equity release is rapidly becoming the financial option for pensioners. By providing them with an additional source of income, they are able to have a more comfortable and financially secured retirement. This is why more and more pensioners are opting for equity release. An increase in the sales of equity release schemes will definitely result in an increase in the need for certified equity release advisors. Pensioners will be relying more and more on equity release advisors to provide them with information, advice and guidance on equity release to help them make informed decisions pertaining to equity release. If you are an independent financial advisor looking to offer advice and guidance on equity release, it is advisable that you become a certified equity release advisor.

The benefit of becoming a Certified Equity Release Advisor is that it will enable you to become qualified in selling equity release products and will therefore diversify your business and allow you to generate more income.

Avich & Kilchrenan Equity Centre is an equity release center located in Scotland that conducts equity release research and provide advisors like you with all the information that you need to offer valuable advice to your clients. We organize courses and seminars on equity release related matters directed at making you better at what you do.

Why are we Different?


We respond promptly to your enquiries. We do not keep you waiting on answers.


Our staff have major industry experience and are the best and highest qualified in the equity release sector.

Personal Touch

We devote individual time to each of our client maintaining the perfect balance of professionalism and friendly and personal reception.

Why Choose Us

Our tutors are all practicing equity release advisors. Not only will they be able to provide you with vital equity release knowledge but they will also stimulate your learning capacity by using their own experience. We do not just want you to register for one of our training courses of seminars. We want you to excel in them and become the best equity release advisor that you can. 

We offer an award winning method of study. We have made the perfect combination of teaching principles and techniques to allow you to start a lasting career as an equity release advisor.

What we offer


We offer in-depth information on equity release. As an equity release advisor, your clients might approach you with questions that you might not have answers to. Well, in such cases, you can refer to us. Extensive research has allow us to develop a knowledge base which you can always refer to.


Our training courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to the equity release market as well as those who have a background in the equity release market. We provide you with all the information and support that you need to become certified.


Feel free to sign up for one of our seminars. These are designed in such a way that they focus on specific areas of equity release and allow you to develop specific skills while interacting with others on the same level as you.


Researching the benefits of equity release and providing you with the results!